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In today's world of hustle and bustle, it is essential that one travels to a destination far away from the daily grind. This is the time of the year when one can spend his or her precious time with loved ones. Tourism is like an open university where one experiences various cultures, languages, customs & traditions, cuisines, history and geographies of different countries and also within one's own country. Tourism brings true enrichment in person's life. There is an apt saying which tells that the things that broaden person's vision and wisdom, include tourism also.

Man normally goes on sightseeing tours once or twice a year only. It is therefore necessary that such tours are arranged by an experienced tour organiser, to enjoy the time to the fullest. We at VishwaVihar exactly do the same for our clients. We have a director with 15 years' rich experience in the field of tourism . We organise tours catering to your requirements, that too at very optimum rates. We ensure that you stay in hotels which are clean and tidy. These hotels are personally inspected by us beforehand. Comfortable vehicles with experienced and knowledgeable drivers, our continuous contact with the drivers and immediately resolving any unforeseen situation are some of our highlights. The success of our growth lies not in giving big advertisements but through mouth to mouth publicity by our clients who have enjoyed wonderful time in our tours. We request you to travel with us once and we are confident that you will be with us forever.

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Why VishwaVihar

No Cancellation Charges

Unfortunately, if you face any problem and have to cancel the trip, you can cancel your tour any time. No cancellation charges are applicable.

Round The Clock Connectivity

We understand that you can have so many questions regarding your tour and you want them to be answered at your convenient time. We are connected to you 24/7 to answer all of your queries and make you worry-free.

Never Compromise With Quality

Quality is what we seek the most. We know that you want it too. We do not compromise in our services. You will always find the best of us offered to you.

100% Online Support

Be on plane, be in meeting, have plenty of time in hand, have dinner, be in any scenario. If you have queries, we are here to answer it. You are always welcome to have our online support at your convenient time.

Personal Touch

We value that how you want to be attended. In any times, personal touch is always preferred. Our teams are easily available and accessible for your convenience.

No Hidden Cost

We do not do any hiddens. You are communicated with all the cost structures fair and square. We believe that you should enjoy your tours with us without any worries or doubts.

Easy Booking Procedure

Booking with us is as easy as a walk in the park. Just drop your enquiry in the enquiry box and get replied. You can call us and book your fabulous tours with us.

Comfortable Itineraries With Variety Of Options

People go on tours to relax and enjoy. We make your trips really enjoyable and amusing. We offer you the comfortable journeys with the range of options. Choose at your heart’s content.

Earn Credit Points On Each Tour Booking

We are sure that once you travel with us, you will always want to see the world with us. So every time you book your awesome journey with us, earn a credit point on each booking and enjoy it in your next tour. Or we can arrange the comfortable tour as per your requirements.

Use Only Tested Services Like Hotels, Vehicles, Cruises And Sightseeing

Our services are tested before the journey starts. You will have the fantastic hotels, comfortable vehicles, soothing cruises and wonderful sightseeing for sure. Just come and enjoy.

Immediate problem solving

Our team works hard to make your trips comfortable. Sometimes there are problems which are out of our control. We do our best to resolve them in any situation. Your hassle-free tour is our priority.

All services under one roof

When you book your tour with us, we provide you with a railway ticket (depend on availability), air tickets, visa, insurance, hotels/resorts, vehicles with experienced drivers and all that under one roof. You don't need to book these things separately.

Directors VishwaVihar

Mr. Sanjay Vaze

Sanjay Vaze, a young entrepreneur with excellent communication, team building, business networking, product development, marketing and customer relationship skills, has over 18 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. Worked with Kesari Tours, one of the prestigious and leading names in travel and tourism sector for more than 4 years, at various levels such as group leader, travel consultant, tour organizer etc. He has travelled with tourists to over 22 countries and the tourists have thoroughly enjoyed their tours. He has taken part in seminars in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Nagpur, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Colombo and Bangkok. Efficiently manages Sales, Marketing, Group Tour Planning and Upcoming Tours. He focuses on increasing the strength and training of Preferred Sales Partners (PSP’s).

Mr. Rajendra Joshi

Rajendra Joshi has a Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management from KC College in Mumbai and a distinction from IATA. He has been in the tourism industry for 18 years, working as a tour leader and office executive for Kesari Tours and E Tours, respectively. Manages the company's administrative and operational functions, with a focus on Quality Control, New Product Development, Pricing Strategy, Accounts, Training and Operations. He has excellent vendor coordination, which has helped him build a good reputation among all vendors.