The City with A Fascinating Architectural Heritage Steeped in architectural beauty and mythology, Hampi is a fantastic destination in Karnataka. A land dotted with breathtaking ancient temples, Hampi is a World Heritage Site. It is popularly known as the temple village of the state of Karnataka. Proud of its rich history, Hampi is now almost in ruins. Symbolizing glorious heritage of Hampi, the temples here are so fascinating that they leave the visitors spell bound. The foundation of Hampi was laid in the 14th century by the two local kings namely Hakka and Bakka. It was once the capital of the well known Vijayanagara Empire. Several rulers ruled over Hampi and made great contributions to its architectural heritage. Hampi finds mention in the Great Hindu Epic Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Hanumana took birth in Hampi and also met Lord Rama for the first time in Hampi only. The Matanga Hill located in Hampi is the place where Sugriva took refuge after a battle with his brother Bali.