The ‘City of Lakes’, Bhopal houses countless number of natural and artificial lakes. The city brings together a striking mix of old and new with some unique list of attractions. The ‘Upper Lake’ remains a must visit place in Bhopal. It is a great spot for planning family picnics amidst nature. Close to this lake lies the ‘Chhota Talaab’ or the ‘Lower Lake’ where numerous religious, social and cultural rituals are carried out. Wildlife enthusiasts must visit the Van Vihar National Park of Bhopal housing numerous carnivores, including tigers, leopards, panthers, lions, etc. Religion enthusiasts must take out time to visit the Bhojpur Temple built in 11th century AD. Apart from this, to walk down the memory lanes of Bhopal, museums like National Museum of Mankind, State Archaeological Museum and Birla Museum must be explored.