East of Chandi Chowk in Jamnagar is Rajkot, located on the banks of River Aji and Nirari, is a relatively young kingdom carved out of territories seeded and captured by the Jamnagar Royal Family in 1620 AD. It is the centre of Saurashtra and a mushrooming industrial hub with wide streets and a distinctly urban architecture. The city is a curious blend of the modern layered over the traditional and it is this uniqueness that attracts people from various parts of the country.The roots of the Indian Freedom Struggle are firmly enmeshed within the foundation of the city. Mahatma Gandhi spent his formative years, growing up in Rajkot when his father Karamchand Gandhi was appointed the Diwan of Rajkot. There is a semi-circular area outside where former Maharajas of Nawanagar once gathered and held public audience.